Logical reasoning indicates that the fundamental solution to health production problem in Kenya or elsewhere lies in a system that improves the economy of each individual. In line with this logic, we have created a system to help people in 7,250 villages of Kenya to find market for their produce, services and products. In order to help a person, he or she must first join and become a member of the Co-operative Society of Ubricans (CSU).

Once joined, our community workers help the member to send to market whatever he or she is producing. Our co-operative society is responsible for finding market for the produce, products or services. It is the job of the members of the marketing team at the co-operative to contact buyers in Kenya and internationally to secure orders of the produce.

When we strike a sale, we divide the proceeds of produce/product sale into three fractions . One fraction goes back to our member, in form of profit. Second fraction goes back to our co-operative to meet operations and administration needs. The third fraction sits in a health fund. A member seeking care at a health facility is fully covered. The owners of health facility are happy because they are assured of payment of the quantity and quality of their service offering.

We use a hybrid mobile/web application to create market for products, produce and services by our members. Our mobile application also serves as platform for online savings and credit facilities offered by our co-operative society.

We provide these financial services to our members through our subsidiary, Inukeni Savings and Credit Co-operative (iSACCO). Besides savings and credit services, our members have access to other financial services through iSACCO, including loans, mortgages, company shares, and derivatives.