Cooperative Society of Ubricans


The Co-Operative Society of Ubricans is Ubrica’s arm for human engagement.


The CSU encourages individuals to participate on economic activities that would enable them to  make money. The CSU began by working with Kenyans in Kenya and Kenyans in diaspora. CSU seeks participation of people of diverse nations in the world.

Members of CSU create wealth by working together in product value chain groups to add value and to explore quality of their product, produce and services. Value added and quality improved product, produce and services find market through an online trading platform (ecommerce retail store) known as Soko Janja (see


We are guided by the philosophy that economic development is by far the greatest cause of improvement in health.


Love, Hope, Faith, Prudence, Moderation, Courage, Justice, Fortitude.


To be an organization that help people realize their full potential through wealth creation so that they experience full wellness and wellbeing.


To mobilize millions of Kenyans to participate in product value chain development that makes market for the fruit of their labor.


To enroll an average of 300,000 people in each county in Kenya by the year 2022.


Year 1: To enroll people from at least 9 counties in the Mount Kenya region.

Year 2: To enroll people from the Rift Valley region.

Year 3: To enroll people from the Coast Region.

Year 4: To enroll people from North and Eastern region.

Year 5: To enroll people from the Lake region.